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Data Protection and The Farnborough Society

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018
It requires that all organisations which keep personal data should have a Data Protection Policy.

It states that organisations should only collect data that is relevant to their needs, they should hold it securely and should keep it only for as long as they need it. Data can only be used for the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

Members should be told what information the organisation holds about them, why they hold it and what they do with it.

Members must give written consent to their data being held and can control how it is used.

The Farnborough Society Data Protection Policy

This policy applies to the work of The Farnborough Society (hereafter TFS). It details how personal information we hold about you will be gathered, stored and managed. The policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by TFS committee members to ensure that we are compliant.

We will only collect data that we need in order to keep you informed about the activities of TFS, to administer your membership or to provide statistics for use by the committee
We will not keep your personal data any longer than is necessary
We will take sensible precautions to keep your data secure. This includes the useof strong passwords
We will only pass your data to committee members who need to communicate with you on matters relevant to you as a member of TFS
We will not share your data outside of TFS unless with your consent and for specific and agreed reasons
We will review the data we hold on you, and ask for your consent annually as part of the renewal procedure
We will delete your data when you leave TFS
You may also ask us to delete any data we hold about you, at any time
The Membership Secretary will act as Data Protection Officer

What data do we hold?

your name
your postal address
your Email address (if given)
your phone number (if given)
the month and year you joined the Society
the amount you pay
the method by which you pay
your Gift Aid declaration

We do not hold any data of a sensitive nature. If you have filled in a Standing Order Mandate, this will be passed to your bank by the Membership Secretary after administrative processes have been carried out. No copies will be kept in either paper or digital form.

Why do we need this information?

To tell us who our members are
To tell you about the activities of the Society, and occasional related matters
To enable the Membership Secretary to administer membership renewals and payments
To enable the Treasurer to claim Gift Aid where appropriate
To give the committee information relevant to the needs of the Society

Who can see it?

You have the right to see any personal data that we hold about you. You can ask the Membership Secretary for this.
The Membership Secretary may supply data from the membership database to other committee members when needed to carry out the activities of the Society.

What happens when we no longer need it?

If in digital form it will be deleted
If in paper form it will be shredded

What about the website?

We do not gather personal information via the website other than via the contact form. In the event that you contact us via the site, we will pass the information on to the appropriate Executive Committee member who can use the information you provide to respond. Such information is not retained by TFS, nor shared or used for any other purpose.