The Farnborough Society

Preserving the past, shaping the future

Extraordinary Meeting 12th March 2020 held to consider diverting the Chapel Fund towards the new Centenary bell at St Michael’s Abbey.

As RBC has confirmed they have no plans for the Chapel now or in the future the Committee proposed, instead of leaving the £4104.00 we have ringfenced lying idle in the bank, to instead donate it to the new Eugenie bell St Michael’s Abbey are commissioning to celebrate the Centenary of the Empress’ death in July this year.

A well respected figure in the forty years she lived at Farnborough Hill it is fitting that her voice will continue through this bell.

The consensus of those present, and who replied to Len by email, was that this should go ahead.  The Society’s emblem will be engraved on the bell.

It was also agreed that £500 should be given to FAST and a donation made to the Trussell Trust from TFS funds.

Arrangements will now be made to present the cheque.