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Rushmoor Local Plan Proposed Modifications

Following the Hearing Sessions in May 2018 the Rushmoor Local Plan is moving forward to the next stage, which is the publication of proposed Main Modifications to the Plan.  The six-week public consultation period runs from Friday 7 September to Friday 19 October inclusive.   The Council is publishing proposed Main Modifications, and an accompanying Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum (SA), both of which have been prepared by the Council at the Inspector’s request.  In addition, supporting appendices illustrating the proposed changes to the Policies Map, and setting out a list of minor modifications (the latter for information only), will be published.    Further information and copies of all the documents are available on the Council’s website here

After the consultation, all “duly made” comments on the proposed Main Modifications and the accompanying SA will be submitted to the Inspector, and she will take them into account prior to the publication of her report on the Local Plan, which is expected towards the end of the year.