The Farnborough Society

Preserving the past, shaping the future


Located in the Blackwater Valley, in North East Hampshire, Farnborough is very conveniently placed. The town benefits from excellent rail and road links to London and the south coast, making it attractive both as a place to live and as a base for business. Farnborough Airport, the only dedicated business airport in the country, provides a compelling reason why some very prestigious companies have chosen to base themselves here.

Farnborough and Aldershot together comprise the Borough of Rushmoor, and Farnborough comprises eight wards, each represented by three councillors, and three Hampshire County Council divisions. It forms part of the Aldershot parliamentary constituency.

Farnborough is rightly famous for the biennial Farnborough International Air Show, which provides a stunning showcase for aeronautical innovation and attracts visitors from around the world.  This is entirely appropriate since it was in Farnborough that Samuel Cody made the first recorded manned flight in Britain, in 1908. Today, the former Royal Aircraft Establishment site contains a variety of listed buildings and structures associated with aviation, together with the excellent Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum.

But aviation is just one part of the town’s rich heritage.  Once an important centre of pottery production and later the lair of highwaymen, Farnborough still has many historic buildings to discover. Farnborough Hill School, for example, is a magnificent building that was formerly the home of the exiled Empress Eugenie of France, whose remains lie at nearby St Michael’s Abbey, along with those of her husband, Napoleon III, and her son, the Prince Imperial. Nearby, the original village of Farnborough, now known as Farnborough Street, has a delightful cluster of old cottages, full of character and history.  And North Camp, with its strong association with the Army in bygone days, retains a distinct sense of identity, reflected both in its buildings and in its community spirit.

Farnborough has good sports facilities and two first-rate colleges. Furthermore, it is undergoing major improvements to the town centre that will significantly enhance the retail and entertainment experience. It is a town in transition and with this much potential the future looks bright indeed.

The Farnborough Society

Formed in 2008, The Farnborough Society adopted the fern as its logo, from the original meaning of Farnborough—the fern on the hill. The Society aims to be a non-political community led voice for the well-being of Farnborough, and to raise awareness about local issues, the environment and the history of the town.

Absolutely apolitical, it draws its membership from across the spectrum of society, with members of all ages and from all walks of life working together to promote our town’s rich heritage and enormous potential.

The members are the society, and it is they who determine its direction and its ethos.

The Farnborough Society Ltd is registered as a charity and company limited by guarantee with HMRC, ref: EW38101


The Farnborough Society’s mission statement is: The Society aims to be a non-political community led voice for the well-being of Farnborough, and to raise awareness about local issues, the environment and the history of the town.

To this end, we host a wide range of events each year to inform, educate and entertain our members, so that they can engage with important local issues, learn more about Farnborough’s rich heritage and enjoy our diverse surrounding countryside. We aim thus to promote the town’s many advantages and its huge potential.

We never lose sight of the fact that the members are the Society, and the Executive Committee actively seeks their ideas, their opinions and their involvement during these exciting times of transition within the town.

Since we are recognised as key stakeholders by Rushmoor Borough Council, we aim to participate in all consultations relating to Farnborough, and to represent the views of the members. 

Through our Planning Group, we aim to scrutinise all proposed development in Farnborough and to protect buildings and sites of historical and/or architectural merit.

And through The Rushmoor Pedestrian Forum, which we established, we aim to actively promote walking for enjoyment and health, and to change attitudes so that the pedestrian is privileged over the motorist.